Friday The 13th is one of the biggest franchises in horror film history.  Hockey mask wearing killer Jason Vorhees is a well known pop culture figure. After 12 films of varying quality, a rather abysmal attempt at rebooting the franchise in 2009, a proposed but dropped TV series, an announcement that there’s no new film on the horizon and the surprise development of Friday The 13th The Game, which despite the involvement of various people associated with the franchise, turned out to be rather underwhelming,  things weren’t exactly looking good for fans of the franchise.

Then fan film Never Hike Alone appeared.

Never Hike Alone is an upcoming Friday The 13th fan film partially funded via Kickstarter. Produced, written and directed by Vincente DiSanti. Drew Leighty stars as Kyle a hiker and video blogger who unwittingly stumbles upon the long abandoned site of Camp Crystal Lake and finds out that those stories about Jason aren’t just camp fire tales for scaring kids. It’s no exaggeration to say that Never Hike Alone is the best thing to happen to Friday The 13th in years. Why? Because it does something that the franchise desperately needs to do if it has any future, it makes it relevant for a modern audience. As much as watching dim witted teenagers getting slowly picked off one by one is part of the franchise’s charm at this point it’s not enough to just do the same thing over and over.

There have been attempts to do something a bit different before. Jason X, the 10th film in the franchise, was essentially ‘Jason in space’ and did a good job of splicing Friday The 13th with a sci-fi B-movie and it looks like it had a far higher budget than it actually did. Another example being Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood which features Jason (played by Kane Hodder for the first time who would go on to play the character is several other entries in the franchise) , now trapped at the bottom of Crystal Lake chained to a rock, being accidentally freed by a girl who is struggling to control her newly discovered telekinetic powers.

These entries in the franchise show that even long running franchises can still do interesting things if the creative team behind them have the will to create something a bit different rather than just ticking the boxes, Never Hike Alone is very much another manifestation of this. There’s a genius to the simplicity of Never Hike Alone’s approach, repurposing Jason, a relentless, seemingly unstoppable, spirit of vengeance as a force of nature in a tense man vs nature scenario.  Never Hike Alone ,like Predator Dark Ages, is another example of fans making a fan film that has better ideas than official films of the same franchise.

Watch the trailer below.