As anyone who follows my incredibly random and erratic utterings on Twitter will know I’m a big fan of crowdfunding and how it lets indie creators make things that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to make, even though it can sometimes go a bit awry for backers. One of the problems now though is crowdfunding is such a big thing that you often have to sift through numerous different campaigns, sorting the metaphorical wheat from the chaff.

One of my latest findings is Heathen by  artist/illustrator Natasha Alterici.

Set in a time of bloody and brutal warfare, slavery and the subjugation of women Heathen is the story of Aydis, a young viking warrior woman, who is on a quest to challenge the gods, namely all father Odin and end his tyrannical reign. On her journey Aydis will make friends and enemies as she encounters, gods, demons and various other creatures from Norse mythology with help from legendary valkyrie Brynhild and her trusty steed Saga.static1.squarespace.com

Why is Heathen so appealing? Norse mythology and vikings have always an enduring appeal, partly because it’s so inherently grim and brutal but also because it features various elements which are now common fantasy tropes, various races, different worlds, fickle and capricious gods and more. A major appeal of Heathen though is it’s something a little different – A story set in the age of the vikings but featuring two women as the main characters rather than serving as supporting characters for a male protagonist.

Whilst this is definitely one of the appeals the other is Alterici’s art which is sublime, you can see more of it over at her website – alterici.com 

Check out Heathen on Kickstarter