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MULP Sceptre of the Sun is an all ages tale published by Inky Little Paws which introduces Jack Redpath and his associates as they become embroiled in atumblr_n2omterLKS1s5h6cdo1_500 tale of mystery and intrigue which involves ancient treasure connected to a discovery at an archaeological dig.

Compared to the output of the rumbling juggernauts that are the “Big Two” ,which is contrained by the numerous rules of the comics publication machinery,  MULP is a breath of fresh air and a reminder of what makes indie comics so good.

This the first of five parts introduces the characters and the world of MULP and that world is a joy to behold,  a world populated by anthropomorphic mice. Imagine Indiana Jones or the adventures of Allan Quatermain with mice. It should be noted that this setting this isn’t a case of an interesting world being the hook making up for an uninteresting story far from it.

tumblr_n2ond1L3Tk1s5h6cdo1_500The story from writer Matt Gibbs is one which takes its cues from classic pulp adventure stories. It opens up on a bustling market in the heart of Egypt and the reader is quickly introduced to Jack Redpath and Cornelius Field as the two head towards a dig site where there’s been trouble with thugs raiding the dig site and one of the research assistants has gone missing. It doesn’t take long for the pair to become embroiled in a globe spanning adventure.

To go with Gibbs story there’s some gorgeous art from Sara Dunkerton. There’s some great character designs and the action is handled brilliantly but what really stands out is the little details which add to the world. Details like “Acorn Airways” being emblazoned on the side of a plane seen in one of the first panels, the numerous real world landmarks that feature in the story like The White Cliffs of Dover and The British Museum and loads of other things, like a Rhinocerous Beetle being used like an ox to pull a cart in the background of one panel and mice riding lizards like horses. It’s great world building which makes a great setting for the story.

MULP is a brilliant example of what comics are about.

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