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Whilst the internet might be abuzz about Shane Black’s upcoming take on Predator , which apparently is set to be a sequel rather than a “reboot”, with zero details regarding exactly what Black and writing partner Fred Dekker are doing with the iconic alien hunter there’s another Predator oriented venture to be far more excited about – Predator Dark Ages.

The Kickstarter project from James Bushe and Simon Rowling is set to transplant the Predator into the past. The pair want to make a short film that pits a group of the Knights Templar against the Predator in the English countryside.

It’s already been established that the Predators have been hunting on Earth for hundreds if not thousands of years, as indicated in Predator 2 when Danny Glover’s Harrigan is handed an 18th century pistol by a Predator elder as a reward for defeating one of their hunters.

The Predators advanced technology also indicates they are far more advanced than man which would tie in with their hunting on Earth for many years.2014-07-01_2357

The concept for Predator Dark Ages is set in an unspecified age (but somewhere around the 12th century at a guess) and features a band of battle weary Knights Templar just returned to England from an overseas campaign only to find the countryside of their home besieged by a demon.

The Knights Templar are charged by the Church to track down the demons that is terrorising the countryside and put it to the sword.

The leader of the Knights Templar, having seen many of his brothers fall in service of an uncaring God, has lost faith though in Man and God, and the group are reliant on a single eye witness who claims to have seen the demon with his own eyes.

In essence Predator Dark Ages blends Ridley Scott’s Kingdom Of Heaven with the tone of Christopher Smith’s Black Death and the original Predator film.

If the pair manage to get £10,000 the pair are going to create a polished 25 minute short film based on the concept.

What I like most about this idea, besides showing more potential than many films with ridiculously high budgets *cough* Michael Bay *cough*,  is seeing a Predator in the past. This is an idea that’s  rich with potential after all history is full of fearsome warriors that carved out their own far reaching empires , the Vikings, the Romans, the Mongols and more besides and the Predator culture revolves around taking on worthy oponents.

Whilst the actual culture of the Predators has been loosely sketched at best, it’s been established they have a tribal culture of sorts with elders and they have a code of honour of sorts recognising and rewarding worthy foes.

For more details visit Predator Dark Ages    or find them on Facebook and Twitter

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