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Crowdfunding has become a great way for creators to fund projects that otherwise would never get a chance the downside to its popularity though is searching through the different projects can be a tiresome affair. Kickstarter’s comics category has over 100+ live campaigns but here’s something worth your attention.

Sqaurriors created by writer Ash Maczko and artist Ashley Witter, also known as Team Ash, have team up with publisher Devil’s Due Entertainment for a story of animal tribal warfare in a post human world.

After the demise of man animals have evolved to sentience but have to deal with the dichotomy of their new state, a battle between reason and their more savage natural instincts. The animals are tribal in nature and the initial story from Maczko is based around the the power struggle between two of these tribes the Tin Kin and the nearby more hostile Maw tribe.

┬áThe Tin Kin tribe has 40 members altogether and are lead by a tribal council of elders which is made up of seven characters Cheeks, a squirrel who is the commander and trainer of Tin Kin’s militia, Eli, a fox, Meo a mouse and Treejump, a flying squirrel are officers and Jobe, Jacko and King are a trio of squirrels who make up the tribes Adviser, Second in command and Chief.

These two tribes are amongst thousands of others which now inhabit the land and have their own territory.


Whilst Maczko’s concept might seem intriguing what that really makes Squarriors stand out is artist Ashley Witter and her highly detailed and lush art, with interiors that are just as impressive as the covers. One of Witter’s popular images, which is now one of the covers, lead to the pair coming up with the concept for Squarriors.

The pair have been working hard to spread the word about Squarriors at conventions across America but they need help fund their creation hence Kickstarter. The world that Witter and Maczko have created is a vast one with potential for numerous stories featuring other tribes and characters.

Squarriors is an example of well utilised anthropomorphised animals as featured in some classic critically acclaimed examples of sequential art like Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan, Elephantmen by Richard Starkings and Why are you doing this? by Norwegian cartoonist Jason.

For more details visit Squarriors: Teeth and Nails

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